Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with mental control.

We offer plenty of rock-climbing destinations in South Africa – most are exclusive use properties to Impact Adventure Africa, each with a unique view, difficulty factor and height! We operate daily, weather permitting!

So, book your most epic destination in South Africa, you do not want to miss out on. 

 We offer tailor made packages with all equipment provided – the price is for 3 routes and how long it takes will depend on your fitness level and ability to climb. But on average we work on a 1-hour slot per person.

Depending on your fitness level we will start the warmup climb, and at least two consecutive climbs afterwards.


Things to bring:
  • Refreshments
  • Sun Block
  • Hat/cap
  • Change of clothing and shoes – now the flip flops are fine!

We have daily rock-climbing trips. Bookings are essential.  Note that minimum numbers required are essential for weekday bookings.

All clients are required to meet at least 30min before your booked time. A pin location will be sent to all confirmed clients via WhatsApp with a direct link to our venue on Google Maps. Please note NO RESERVATION, NO ENTRY at our venues.

Your typical day will start with a meet/ greet and registration. You will be issued with your gear and we will hike towards the Crag, some of our venues also offer shuttle services to the crag.

We are complying with the Mountain Development Trust. Impact Adventure Africa carry excellent public liability insurance and have access to a 24 hours crisis management and evacuation service. All our guides hold a Generic Adventure Site Guide qualification issued by CATHSETA, MDT mountaineering and Trip Leader Certification and are registered with Department of Tourism.

What to wear:


  • Good hiking/ sport shoes
  • Rock climbing shoes will be provided for climbing
  • UV protected or quick dry shirt
  • Long Pants are best, but must fit comfortably, jeans are slightly heavy
The cost

Price R 550 per person

Bookings are essential. Each client and spectator are liable to pay the permit fees or conservation fees where applicable to the venue upon arrival


No fires and loud music are allowed in the car park or at the crag. We have strict environment impact considerations, clients must adhere to.


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